Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A Girl's Worst Nightmare

In regard to seeing a woman for a second "date", a friend of mine received the following email:

To: Girl
From: Crazy Man

My suggestion was going to be that we both take turns on being inspected as if one were the other's property. Thereby: You would sit in regal splendor and tell me precisely what to do. To remove my clothes item by item and then stand or kneel or crawl, as you wished to see me, and then be subjected to a thorough examination, while naked. You would explore every nook and cranny, make criticisms and offer praise where warranted. For the period of time I was naked I would be your supplicant and you could, quite reasonable, do anything you wanted with me. The only caveat of course is that once you were done with me I would put on my clothes and my boots and sit down where you had been sitting and it would be your turn to undress, be examined as if you were my property, and have to suffer whatever you had made me suffer, nude.

Those, young lady, would be my further instructions.
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